Thursday, April 17, 2014


Spencer has a phenomenal memory and loves to read books, so he has tons and tons memorized. Here's him reading one of his recent favorites. Bill and I both think that when he actually decides he wants to read the words he'll learn to read in a snap. He's memorizing these books essentially by accident now, but I can only imagine the things he'll accomplish when he starts putting his mind to doing things. I love watching him develop all these new skills and talents! 



I've been trying for years to get Spencer to sing and he just won't do it. That is, until about two weeks ago. Now he's our little virtuoso. I'm not surprised, but it turns out he knows the words to essentially all the primary and kid songs we sing them each night and whenever else we sing songs. He's been singing himself to sleep loud and proud every night for days and days now. I wouldn't be surprised if when Genevieve gets a bit older and able to verbalize this she is like, "Geez Spencer, will you just stop singing!" lol. He sings so many songs. I love it. Here's a sample.

Ice cream of their very own

We have an ice cream shop here that is a lot like Coldstone. We took the kids there last Friday as part of a family date of sorts. Spencer has been up and down about ice cream at different points in his life so I didn't know if he'd want any. We got there and started sampling some flavors and he wanted to try the bright blue cotton candy one. He loved the color and when I asked him if he wanted some of his own he gave a generally positive response. He's not always clear on what he wants to eat, so I thought, heck, let's go for it and see if he really wants it. We ordered a cup of blue ice cream for he and Genevieve to share with mini marshmallows and sprinkles in it. It was their very first ice cream of their own we've ever bought them. Big milestone here, folks. He loved it! That kid inhaled the ice cream and was so wired and happy afterward. It was fun. Genevieve has been going through a bit of a stage where she says whose everything is, so Spencer's this and Spencer's that and Mommy's this, etc. She kept saying Spencer's ice cream and we reassured her that it was hers too. She was only too happy to eat her share of the bright blue stuff. Bill and I both tried it and hated it, but blue ice cream is blue ice cream and I can't imagine any kid turning it down no matter what the flavor. :)

New Clothes, Easter Eggs, Hair Dos and the Finished Mini Crib

Grandma Suzanne sent a bunch of new clothes our way last week. We haven't done a fashion show of all the new clothes, but I'm trying to take pictures of the kids as they wear new outfits. They are just darling. This morning they were kind enough to pose for me. It's so hard to get either one of them to stop long enough and then smile to get a good shot, so I was super pleased to get such a good shot of Spencer.

We went to our ward's Easter Egg Hunt today. The young women hosted it and it turned out fantastic. The kids had a ball. Last year at the city Easter Egg Hunt I think Spencer got one egg. He was totally satisfied with that. Yeah, this year he and Genevieve were both all over hunting eggs. They came back with quite the haul. Genevieve even found one of a few golden eggs that had $5 in it. Score for her! They immediately wanted to play with the new playdough when they got home.

Genevieve's hair is growing like crazy. Poor child, her hair grows in really crazy directions all over her head. Hopefully when it thickens up it will lay a little more flat, but for now we can do some ridiculously awesome after bath hair dos on her. She loves it.

My friend is letting me borrow an adorable antique mini crib for baby #3. It was a bit rickety and needed a coat of paint when I got it, so I finally got to working on it yesterday and today. Two coats of white paint later and some 1x2s attached to the length of the crib in case our older kids decide to hop in sometime, and it's much sturdier. We thought about putting some corner braces on to make it even more sturdy from twisting, but decided it's not going to have that kind of stress on it, so for now the 1x2s should do the job. It's stinkin' adorable. It's about the size of a bassinet, so it will hold him probably until he's six months old, which is great.

We don't have a place for him set in stone, but the mini crib fits nicely by my bed for now and we'll start it out there. It's so lightweight and narrow that we could easily just move it to a random room when needed once he arrives and we see what kind of sleeper he will be. Spencer slept in our room for his first four months and that worked really well. Genevieve was in her own room probably at three weeks old. She was much too loud a sleeper and she and I both woke each other up. So who knows how #3 will be. I'm flexible. He can sleep in our room or in the hallway or the living room. Eventually he'll move in with the kids, but not until he sleeps through the night and also not until they figure out how to go to sleep faster. We're working through that now. Hopefully by the time he arrives they won't stay up as long each night. Who knows. They'll have new beds sometime soon so that will be a change and we'll see how it affects their going to sleep at night. Teaching little kids to go to sleep on their own is quite the experience!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Living Room Camping

A picture of both kids smiling. Hallelujah! They loved, loved, loved having the tent set up in our living room.  
I brought their pillows out and they just loved it. 

Pillow, dog, blanket = happy Genevieve.

Spencer giving Genevieve a kiss. What a sweetheart!

Just chillin' in Spencer's sleeping bag. We need to get her one sometime very soon. 

They seemed to think this little fleece blanket sewn into a sleeve worked pretty well as a sleeping bag. It's supposed to be a sleeping bag liner, but it's a bit snug. 

He brought all his guys in to play with. Happy boy.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jumping and Dancing

Genevieve has recently decided Spencer's clothes are super comfy to wear, so she always brings various articles of clothing to me so I can help her put them on. She has really cute clothes of her own, but that doesn't stop her. She looks so, so, so much like Spencer when she's wearing his clothes, especially since they're not even very big on her, which is startling. 

She and Spencer both have taken to jumping off high surfaces onto pillows, the air mattress like in this video, or they even just run and jump and bounce off the couch. It's hilarious. It does leave Bill and I wondering what it'll be like once we build the loft bed though... Should be exciting. hahaha!


Also, in case you are wondering, this is what dancing means to Miss Genevieve. She's quite the entertaining little lady.


Monday, March 24, 2014


Based on my vast experience with two children (note the heavy irony of that statement), I've decided my kids talk early. Whether that is a true statement or not doesn't matter because really I just love watching them develop their vocabulary and I like that it starts so soon. Genevieve has started putting together some two-word phrases to go with her decently large one-word vocabulary. It's fantastic to see her picking up so many new concepts and verbalizing. She'll repeat anything we ask her to say. Lately she's been picking up new words from Spencer, which I particularly love to watch. She is quite a bit more interactive in her speech than Spencer was at this age, so that's fun too. He was very into labeling the world around him. He had a massive vocabulary of nouns and adjectives at a very young age and an incredible memory, so he picked up words lightning fast. Genevieve likes to talk to get her point across and generally to get something she wants. Her vocabulary is also jumping in leaps and bounds. It's definitely the age. She's 19 months old now, which is the same age Spencer was when she was born and I remember he was so much easier to talk to at that point because of the large vocabulary and understanding.

So here's a few things Genevieve has been saying lately that I like:

-back on - she has gotten super particular about choosing clothes and especially shoes. If we take something off, even to change her diaper, that she wants on, she very forcefully tells us to put it "back on!"

-Daddy sleep or Spencer sleep - I came home yesterday to find Bill asleep while Spencer watched a movie and Genevieve playe around him. She saw me, pointed at him, and said, "Daddy. sleep."

-out - this means pick me up and/or get me down from this chair, I'm done eating. Another word she uses very forcefully. :)

-cookie, candy, graham cracker, cracker, milk, juice, water, fish (goldfish), snacks (fruit snacks)... - The little lady enjoys her food. She eats like a champ and let's us know if she sees something she wants. She eats lots more things than these, but the snacks have way easier words than like spaghetti casserole or currey. :)

-shoes, boots - what 19 month-old has multiple words for shoes? lol. She loves her shoes, Spencer's, mine, Bill's. Doesn't matter, she wants to wear them all.

-car, tree, flower, dirt - she likes to label things when we go outside too.

-guys - refers to the duplo figures. She and Spencer fight over them like any good sibling would.

-Spencer, Genevieve, Daddy, Mommy - She has our names down great and she'll repeat names for other family members, though I haven't heard her say them on her own.

-Bless you - whenever we sneeze she's all over making sure we're polite. :)

-please, thank you, you're welcome. We didn't teach Spencer these niceties until he was a bit older. It's delightful to hear her itty bitty voice be so polite.

Those are all I can think of for the moment. I'm sure she has more, those are just what come to mind at the moment.

And in other news, she also has very questionable taste in clothing, though very definite opinions about what she wants to wear. :)
 And I can't end without a picture of Spence. We have a hard time getting good pictures of either kid since they never stop moving, but I caught this one last night when we were doing the bedtime routine.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Picture dump

I was thinking about what to write this week on my blog and realized that there isn't really anything particular going on to report or talk about, just typical life. I'm 23 weeks pregnant. I'm at that point where I feel pretty good but am already pretty big and if feels like the pregnancy is going to last forever. I appreciate being past the icky first trimester stuff and not to the terrible uncomfortableness of the end of my third trimester though, so I'll take it. Bill is in the middle of his semester. Nothing special is happening, but nothing bad is either, so that's good. Spring is slowly coming here and I love that. We've gotten outside a lot in the last week or two, which has been been wonderful. So really it is just one of those good life weeks. I'll take as many of those as I can!

Spencer rarely wears a full outfit while we're at home. I figure he can wear whatever he wants, and he goes to town. I do try to get him to wear at least a shirt most of the time. :)

Reading books in the hammock set up under the desk. The kids love it.

Genevieve just loves shoes. Hers, mine, daddy's, Spencer's. She's an equal opportunity shoe wearer.

Case in point. These are Spencer's.

She also loves her bath towel.

Another quality Spencer outfit and one of his favorite places to hole up, in the pile of pillows on my bed.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pushing boundaries

Little Miss Genevieve is pushing major boundaries.  video
This was her new trick today. She's trying her hardest to get out too, but hasn't succeeded that way yet. I'm sure it won't take long. I had a video but I can't get it to upload, so you'll just have to take my word. Good thing we have plans for their new bed situation once she's out of the crib. That might be sooner than I expected. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cute Kids

We had a lazy day today. I got all our baby clothes out of the storage garage and sorted them to make sure I still wanted the ones I had kept, plus pulled out all the tiny newborn and 3 month clothes. Oh my goodness, they are so small. I can't imagine having a new baby that will fit into that small of clothes. It was fun to look through all the adorable clothes we have. This kid is set for clothes for the next three years at least. There's a few seasonal mismatches because he and Spencer will be born six months apart, but I don't think it'll be an issue because seriously I have so many boy clothes. 

Spencer and Genevieve are getting to the point where aside from him having about 6 inches on her in height, they are nearly the same size. She only weighs about five pounds less than him. He's all legs, so when they sit next to each other, they're really similar in size. I just have no context anymore for a small baby. It makes me excited. This pregnancy has been business as usual, just going through the motions wanting it to hurry by, so it's fun to feel excited about something. The thought of having three kids 3 and under is still overwhelming, but hey, I always said I wanted an exciting life. 
We spent a good amount of time today laying on the floor in the kids' room reading books. Bill and I both took naps at some point on this pad. It's the foam topper from our old king bed and we have it rolled up in the corner of their room. It makes an amazing family storytime pillow.
Spencer spent most of the time cuddled up on his bed. He found one of his old pairs of pajama tops while I was sorting clothes and insisted on wearing it. It's like a little muscle shirt on him.
This was a favorite spot for Genevieve. She made sure to bounce on him for good measure.
And a bit of a smile! This girl is hard to catch smiling, but dang, she's got an amazing one. She also gets the best bedhead ever and I forget to comb her hair most of the time so she walks around with a crazy red halo most days. Even if I do comb it, it gets back to this pretty quickly, which is probably why I never think of it.
See the awesomeness of his outfit? This kid knows how to choose his clothes. :)
Oh, and you heard I'm pregnant and we had our ultrasound on Friday? Guess what? We've got another cute little boy on the way! We took the kids with us to the ultrasound, which was an adventure. Spencer was super blase about finding out the gender because duh, he's been telling us since we asked him that we're having a boy. He did want to have an ultrasound of his own and got up on the table and pulled his shirt up in preparation. Genevieve was enthralled with the computer and the cupboards and the curtain and everything else around to play with and Bill had his hands entirely full.
So the 3D photos look so strange to me, but seeing the video that this photo came from was really cool. There really is a baby in there and he's already fully formed. I know, this is the third time around, but it never ceases to amaze me to see them grow. I mean it's only been five months since he started out as a little clump of cells and look what he has become already.